LGBT Network
Aims and Objectives of LGBT Staffordshire

Our Vision
Our vision is of the removal of discrimination against LGBT people in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire and surrounding areas.

Our Misson
Our mission is to work in a creative and holistic way towards providing a united and recognised voice for the LGBT community in the area, creating positive relations between communities.

Our Aims
In support of our Vision and Mission we have four key aims.

They are:

Provide a forum for the LGBT community in our area

Encourage participation, raise the self worth and achievement and reduce the isolation of all LGBT people and their families

Service Equality:
Promote good relations between the LGBT Network with other equalities groups and service delivery agencies

Promote positive relations with the wider community, including community, voluntary and faith based organisations, in order to break down barriers and encourage community cohesion

Our Objectives
In order to deliver our aims, we have developed a series of objectives. These are to:

1. Provide a consultation mechanism and guidance for all agencies on LGBT issues

2. Act as a link between individuals seeking support and appropriate organisations providing services

3. Provide resources to LGBT people, groups, agencies and the wider community on LGBT issues

4. Enhance the health, wellbeing, confidence and self esteem of LGBT people by acting as a catalyst to establish new services and groups, activities and events that will reduce isolation and increase social networking

5. Work towards a stronger, safer community by encouraging the reporting of hate crime and discriminative behaviour in all areas of life

6. To recognise diversity within the LGBT community and raise awareness of multiple identities held by LGBT people including:
Older people
Young people
People of different ethnicity, faith and cultural heritage
People with different levels of ability
People living with HIV
Economic status
Different immigration status

To provide a united and recognised voice for the LGBT community and a mechanism for agencies to consult and respond to issues affected them.

To provide a forum for the LGBT community.

To give support and assistance for good health, mental and emotional well being of LGBT individuals.

To support the provision of community/recreational/sporting events and other appropriate activities to meet the needs of LGBT community.

To encourage participation/raise self worth, achievements and reduce the isolation of young LGBT people.

To provide support and recognise the needs of older LGBT people and to recognise diversity within our community

To promote good relations between LGBT Staffordshire with others groups and agencies.

To promote positive relations with the wider community, break down barriers and encourage community cohesion.

To provide training and support for individuals, groups and organisations.

To encourage and support community safety initiatives, the reporting of hate crime and other violent crimes.

To encourage good practice within education and employment.
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